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WIEF Engages Abagana Community in Honor of Anakwenze


Ugo B. Anakwenze

WIEF has commenced the process of conducting a comprehensive soil erosion study for Abagana town in Njikoka LGA of Anambra State in fulfillment of a resolution of the Foundation's Board to honor late Engr. Ugo Anakwenze who recently transitioned into the ancestral realm in Los Angeles, California, USA. WIEF-Nigeria leadership team, led by its Executive Director, Dr. Odili Ojukwu, visited Anakwenze's hometown, Abagana, to hold a consultative meeting with the community's leaders on June 27, 2010.

The top-leadership meeting was held with the Abagana traditional council led by HRH Igwe Patrick Mbamalu Okeke and the town union executive led by the 1st Vice President of the Association, Mr. Bennett Ughamadu on behalf of the President General, Dr. I. I. Onwubuya ,who was unavoidably absent. WIEF leadership utilized the occasion to commiserate with leaders of Abagana community regarding the sudden premature death of their fellow townsman and well-known admirer of WIEF's mission and agenda, Ugo Anakwenze.


Visiting WIEF leadership team poses in group photo with Igwe Patrick Mbamalu Okeke and some leaders of Abagana community


Igwe of Abagana and his cabinet receive WIEF leadership team in his palace 








Abagana community has three major gully erosion sites which make it easily one of the worst afflicted in Anambra state. An illegal sand quarry is suspected to be contributing  to the formation of new erosion gullies. So far, no study has been carried out to ascertain the genesis of ongoing problems of the community and environs.









Obtaining raw data about local soil formations and storm-water flow patterns in the watershed is a first vital step in devising a practical and effective game plan for stopping emergence of new erosion gullies in Abagana and the surrounding area. Community empowerment through provision of proper information and  tools is key to lasting solutions.





 Dr. Ojukwu intimates Igwe of Abagana and his community about the imminent soil erosion study

WIEF Executive Director, Dr. Ojukwu, presented an overview of the foundation's mission and the absolute necessity to study the sundry environmental problems that torment the daily lives of Ndi Anambra, in particular and Ndiigbo, in general. "It is only through structured study that we can get a better understanding of the real causes of the soil erosion that is devastating many communities throughout the state. What we find shall assist us in the design of the most suitable means to stop and ultimately reverse the ugly trend we witness today", stated the US-trained expert environmental engineer.

The traditional ruler of Abagana, HRH Igwe Okeke, expressed his delight and thanked the WIEF-Nigeria team for the visit. He further expressed gratitude to WIEF for the decision to honor Engr. Anakwenze through this soil erosion study - an action, according to him, that is "to the benefit of all Abagana people". He indicated that there are several significant erosion sites which continue to cause great anxiety for his people in Abagana - three of the erosion gullies are major and have attained frightening proportions. He also mentioned the existence of a sand mining site within the community which is creating anxiety because of its potential to add to the existing erosion problems. He expressed the hope that, with the Foundation's study, a better understanding of the full scope of the erosion problem will emerge and the ultimate solution in sight.

In his remarks, the 1st Vice President of Abagana Welfare Union, Mr. Ughamadu also thanked the WIEF team for the visit. He expressed great interest in the activities of the Foundation and looks forward to the study beginning immediately pledging to work closely with the team during the erosion study. He also expressed hope that through the works of the foundation, Abagana people may come to see relief in their continued fears and anxiety regarding the several gully erosion sites in the community. There was general excitement among the people present that WIEF will ultimately help to bring relief to the community.


The WIEF team and all present were subsequently lavishly entertained with foods and drinks by the traditional ruler

Finally, the WIEF-Nigeria Director of Operations, Chief J. N. B. Ofojebe (Engr.), on behalf of the foundation, thanked the people for the warm reception and assured that WIEF is "irreversibly committed to doing what is necessary to bring about a reversal to the environmental degradation confronting our communities particularly gully erosion". He indicated that the foundation will commence its field visits to Abagana from Friday July 2, 2010 and continue work until all land space in the community has been adequately covered. 



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