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WIEF CEO Receives Award From ACOMEF


Okenwa R. Nwosu, M.D.
President/CEO, WIEF

The Andrew Chiugo Okonkwo Memorial Educational Foundation (ACOMEF) used the occasion of its annual Secondary Schools Sports Festival held on November 26, 2011 in the historical town of Igboukwu to award its highest honor to the WIEF President/CEO, Dr. Okenwa Nwosu. The foundation's proprietor, Engr. Ikenna Okonkwo, stated that  ACOMEF's decision was inspired by Dr. Nwosu's "great exploits in the Medical Field, Environmental Stewardship through WIEF and continued advocacy and projection of Culture and Tradition in the Ancient City of Igboukwu and in the Diaspora". Present at the event were His Highness Igwe Dr. Martin N. Ezeh, Idu II of Igboukwu and Chief Rob Ezeife, President-General of Igboukwu Development Union (IDU).

The WIEF Executive Director, Dr. Odili Ojukwu, who represented the US-based honoree, received the award from the President-General of IDU, Chief Rob Ezeife.

Idu II of Igboukwu speaking at the event. Seated on his right are Chief Rob Ezeife (red cap) and Arch. P. O. C. Osunkwo


The IDU President-General, Chief Rob Ezeife, hands the ACOMEF Grand Heritage and Advocacy Award over to the Executive Director of WIEF, Dr. Ojukwu, for delivery to the awardee and President/CEO of WIEF, Dr. Okenwa Nwosu.

Dr. Odili Ojukwu (on the right) receives ACOMEF award from Chief Ezeife (Aha-eji-eje-mba)

Dr. Ojukwu later read the Statement of Appreciation sent by Dr. Nwosu for delivery at the occasion. In the statement, Dr. Nwosu commended the vision and wisdom which informed the creation of the annual Secondary Schools Festival and other ACOMEF "youth-oriented programs aimed at assuring a sound physical and intellectual upbringing of our future leaders". Commenting on the Grand Heritage and Advocacy Award given to him by ACOMEF, the WIEF CEO said that he felt "greatly energized and empowered by this home-grown gesture from those who know me better than anyone else worldwide".

Dr. Odili Ojukwu reading a speech while Rev. Sr. Okeke, Hon. Tempest Udeze and rest of WIEF delegation stand and watch

Dr. Okenwa Nwosu, through his written statement said, “WIEF has taken special notice of the ACOMEF operational agenda and programs and found them convergent with those of our foundation’s quest to assure a clean, healthy and safe living space for all our people”. He disclosed a plan for ongoing collaboration between his environmental foundation and ACOMEF. In furtherance of this plan, Dr. Nwosu said, “WIEF is donating a sporting trophy in Table Tennis to be named after one of our foundation’s late leader, Engr. J. N. B. Ofojebe. The Ofojebe Cup in Table Tennis is an annual event and an open invitational contest for all accredited secondary schools in Anambra state”. Engr. Ofojebe, until his sudden death last year, was the Director of Operations for WIEF Nigeria and was instrumental in successful implementation of the foundation’s “Operation Green Parrot” in many communities in Anambra state and beyond.

Continuing, Dr. Nwosu reminded the event’s large audience that “ACOMEF, WIEF and foundations like them within Nigeria and elsewhere worldwide are nonprofit and are not sustained by government funds. They depend on their membership and supporters in sourcing the manpower and money needed for the planning and implementation of their programs and projects”. He spotlighted the self-help mentality of our people and emphasized that “for our communities and society to prosper, we cannot afford to fold our arms and wait on the government to come and do even the most basic things for us”. The statement concluded thus, “Our indigenous Igbo value system and traditional culture have a place of pride for community consciousness and altruism. I, therefore, challenge you to give some of your time, sweat and money, whenever you are called upon to do so, in order to ensure that the good works of the likes of ACOMEF and WIEF shall endure and prosper”.

ACOMEF founder and proprietor, Engr. Ikenna Okonkwo, reading a welcome address at the sports festival

The ACOMEF annual festival is designed to promote grassroots sports development, creatively engage the minds of the young ones, form part of the school curriculum and of course, to provide entertainment to the public



Responding to questions from the press, Dr. Ojukwu said, "WIEF is an international nongovernmental organization (NGO) registered in both the United States and Nigeria. Its vision and primary mission are to build the required alliances at the local, national and international levels in order to facilitate the mobilization of the human and material resources needed to arrest and reverse the current rapid rate of degradation and decay in our shared living space. WIEF's operational base is Nigeria. The foundation's key strategy is empowerment of communities throughout its target area to retake ownership of their living space. Community-based seminar/workshops have enabled WIEF team on the ground to ascertain and confirm the enthusiasm and willingness of the populace, particularly at grassroots level, to play a major role in redeeming our ancestral homeland from imminent total ruination by stopping and reversing the current trend."

The GRAND HERITAGE and ADVOCACY award was given to "a literary ICON, Dr. Nwosu, for breakthroughs in the Medical Field, advocacy of Igbo-Ukwu Culture and Tradition, both here in Nigeria and world in general; a motivator of the youths and above all, for his environmental stewardship to the mother earth through the nongovernmental organization – WIEF"

"This award is the highest, in terms of rating and value, given to anybody by ACOMEF."


In attendance at the 2011 Secondary Schools Sports Festival was the Deputy Speaker of Anambra State House of Assembly (ASHA) in the person of His Excellency Hon. Engr. Chukwudi Orizu, MNSE who was classmates with the ACOMEF proprietor, Engr. Ikenna Okonkwo, in Engineering School at the University. Also present at the august occasion was Honourable Ikem Uzoezie, a worthy son of Igboukwu, who is the incumbent House Member representing Aguata II Constituency in the ASHA.

Deputy Speaker ASHA, Hon. Engr. Chukwudi Orizu, chats with the Press at the ACOMEF event

The Ofojebe Cup in Table Tennis, donated by WIEF to become a new feature in ACOMEF annual sports festival, is an invitational tournament open to all accredited secondary schools in Anambra state. In the very near future, this trophy shall be expanded to include contestants from other states in the Southeast.



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