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Finding oneself caught in a heavy downpour at this time of year in the northern suburb of the Imo state capital city, Owerri, is an experience that one rarely ever forgets. Within a relatively short period of a typical early-season rainfall, the Owerri-Orlu highway did suddenly disappear under a deluge of storm-water runoff which converted this rather busy thoroughfare into a raging river of brown muddy water laden with all sorts of debris.

The New Orleans-based professional architect and businessman of stature within the Nigerian US Diaspora community, Nze Gibson Chigbu, found himself suddenly surrounded by torrential flood at Amakaohia, near Owerri, during his just-concluded home trip. The  road, on which he traveled, suddenly disappeared and there was rushing water, in all directions, as far as the eye could see. This was a unique but frightening experience that was worth recording and sharing with rest of the world. And that's exactly what he did.

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The two-lane highway has been transformed into a raging river that bulldozed everything in its path.








Reflecting on the implications of  his recent experience, Nze Chigbu lauded the good work being done by WIEF, since last few years, to raise awareness regarding the environmental crises that confront all parts of ground zero. He was thrilled to see the report of a professional-grade study about the soil and erosion problems in Ideani community, Idemili North LGA, Anambra state. He surmised that conduct of similar studies in all communities throughout ground zero is a sure foundation on which sustainable solutions to the widespread menace of topsoil and gully erosion can be anchored. He remarked that the findings recorded in the Ideani Report are quite similar to what exist in many parts of Imo state where he hails from.

On learning about the ongoing collaborative engagement between WIEF and the Imo state government, Chigbu pledged that he would do everything within his capacity to facilitate the foundation's plan to engage local communities at all levels of its activities.

"The umbrella organization for Imo indigenes in the US Diaspora, ISCA, has scheduled its 2009 annual convention in Owerri and amongst other main themes for the confab such as the economy, education, health and security, crucial aspects of the environmental nightmare facing the state are to be discussed", Nze Chigbu said. He expressed pleasure on learning that Governor Ohakim's administration has set up a grassroots-based framework for executing practical agenda and programs for addressing the multitude of environmental problems confronting Imo state. He further opined that partnering with WIEF is likely to give sustaining power to current outreach programs being implemented by the Imo state Ministry of Environment at the grassroots level.

"I identify completely with the objectives of Operation Green Parrot. I always have my digital camera handy whenever I travel so that I can capture, record and share anything that I consider to be helpful in promoting better understanding of the complex problems facing us at home. When all is said and done, no outsider can tell our own story better than our very selves", Nze Chigbu affirmed.






Store fronts along the usually bustling commercial corridor in Amakaohia, Owerri are flooded with knee-deep "river" that has sent everyone scurrying for cover.

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