About WIEF

World Igbo Environmental Foundation, Inc. is an IRS 501c(3)-compliant nongovernmental organization which is dedicated to addressing the imminent environmental catastrophe that looms over Southeast Nigeria and contiguous territories to the north, south, east and west.

Goals and Objectives

The primary purpose of the WIEF is to combat the steady environmental degradation of Southeast Nigeria and contiguous territories in the Niger Delta, western Lower Niger River valley and Southeastern Atlantic coastline. This area, which belongs to the equatorial rain forest belt of West Africa, has a population density that is second only to the Nile Delta in Egypt. Pressure to procure land for essential human development activities has resulted in deforestation and overcultivation of almost all available land space in the area. With an annual rainfall total that averages 80 inches or more and a loose soil formation that is amenable to floodwater erosion, increasing rainwater runoff, particularly in the rainy season, is the leading factor in creating hundreds of gullies that scarify the entire landscape.

Poor road design, inadequate drainage and lack of maintenance culture contribute to the persistence of extensive destruction of land communications infrastructure, sometimes within only a few years of their initial construction at great cost. Urban centers are defaced by mountains of trash/garbage which coexist side-by-side with residential, industrial and commercial parts of town due to poor compliance with sanitary codes by both governmental agencies responsible and an apathetic public. In oil-producing areas, recurrent spillage of crude petroleum from wells and pipelines wreak tremendous havoc to the entire ecosystem in ways that make full recovery impossible for years. Without adequate cleanup effort by the oil companies, government or the local communities affected, inhabitants of the area are constrained to live with many toxic contaminants in their ecologically depleted neighborhoods.
WIEF's strategy encompasses public enlightenment campaigns, policy development and appropriate demonstrative pilot programs and workshops that offer practical models for inculcating proper environmental management habits in the populace. Though the short-term goal is public enlightenment at the grassroots level, government and societal leaders are being recruited to become partners with WIEF in development and enforcement of policies that can help to sustain interim gains in perpetuity. Special effort are being made to update existing statutes and create new ones to regulate unhealthy conducts that encourage top-soil erosion and callous environmental pollution that endanger lives in densely populated urban centers. State, local government and community leaders are being persuaded to create "Environmental Maintenance Corps", within their respective jurisdictions, to perform surveillance and maintenance duties needed for sustaining gains made over time. Pressure are being brought to bear on oil companies to provide necessary manpower, tools and funds to promptly clean up oil fields whenever accidental spillages occur. All hands must be on board to facilitate an effective fight against environmental degradation that looms over Southeast Nigeria and contiguous territories to the north, south, east and west.
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