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This sub-site is dedicated for featuring expert viewpoints and proposals from specialists in the field of engineering. Though a successful solution to the complex environmental quagmire facing ground zero today requires a multidisciplinary approach, the field of engineering still must play a dominant role after all is said and done. An increasing number of professional experts in the field of environmental engineering have expressed interest in proffering practical ideas and concepts which can assist WIEF's on-site studies and ongoing remediation efforts at ground zero.

Instead of posting submitted views and ideas from professional experts in the Features Articles sub-site as before, the Engineers' Page shall now serve as a one-stop repository for such specialized contributions.



WIEF's Position on UN HABITAT Report on Structure City Plans for Onitsha, Awka & Nnewi

Landfill Operational Guidelines - 2nd Edition 

ISWA White Paper: Waste and Climate Change 

International Solid Waste Association (ISWA) Landfill Workshop in Rumania        PDF version 

Erosion Control Presentation in PowerPoint by Augustus Ajawara              PDF version

SETS' CEO, Joe Eto's presentation on creating an "Efficient Waste Management for Urban Nigeria



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