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Garbage Street

Once a paved street in commercial district of Onitsha, Anambra state, this thoroughfare has since become overwhelmed from expanding trash/garbage dump nearby. The solid waste mound has now completely blocked the busy street connecting Silasworks Road in Eastern Fegge and Ochanja Market.

Vehicular and pedestrian traffic still relies on this direct access from residential parts of Fegge and the second largest daily market in the bustling commercial city of Onitsha, a river-port city in Anambra state.


Foreground is Silasworks and background is Ochanja Market. Leachate from garbage dump flows into the street 




Neighborhood residents negotiate this thoroughfare to and from the Ochanja Market on daily basis 



Pedestrian traffic, comprising children, women and men, routinely scale this garbage mountain, sometimes barefooted. 




Porter struggles to push his heavily laden wheelbarrow through deep piles of rotten garbage and murk on the street



Motorcycle taxi operators feel compelled to take this shortcut to and from the market 




Kids stop to observe the motorcyclists plow through the "Garbage Street" with their passengers 



Motorcycle taxi operator negotiates the garbage mountain while his passenger elects to proceed on foot






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