Operation Green Parrot


Operation Green Parrot


Operation Green Parrot is designed to identify, catalogue and document diverse aspects of environmental crises that exist in WIEF’s operational target area and to package all the collected data for immediate dissemination to all interested parties as well as the general public at the local, state, national and international levels. This project shall be completed in the second and third quarters of 2009 in three phases namely:

1.    Information and data gathering phase

2.    Analysis, packaging and editing phase

3.    Production and distribution phase



All aspects of environmental degradation and decay at ground zero are being covered with the aim of depicting their interrelatedness in retarding all effort to actualize the socioeconomic advancement of the society as a whole. To the extent that logistics allow, all representative geopolitical zones in the target area shall be featured. Political leaders and government bureaucrats, who are amenable, shall be requested to provide their insights regarding the causes of the problems at hand and their perceived practical methods for overcoming them in a sustainable manner.


Documentation of the problems encompasses onsite visits and audiovisual interviews of heads of communities affected as well as oral testimonies from victims who are being directly impacted by environmental disasters. Institutional leaders in organized religion, academia, business community and industry shall be mobilized to partake in Operation Green Parrot in all its ramifications.


The Executive Director of WIEF Nigeria, Dr. Odili Ojukwu, coordinates all phases of this operation. Dr. Okechukwu Aguwa, a special consultant on logistics, is responsible for liaising with the government, corporate entities, businesses, communities and general public for the purposes of sourcing, soliciting and garnering required financial and technical resources for implementing all stages of Operation Green Parrot.


Funding & Financial Management

WIEF seeks to partner with governments of all jurisdictions in the target area, particularly the ministries, departments and boards responsible for public information, environmental affairs and finance. All funds committed to or realized from Operation Green Parrot shall be monitored, disbursed and accounted for through office of the WIEF Executive Director.


Special consultants for this project shall be compensated at a fair rate for their public relations, technical and fundraising services. Data compilations, publications and audiovisual recordings made during Operation Green Parrot are made available to interested entities for fees which shall be determined by the WIEF Executive Director.


Process & Procedure

The first order of business is to obtain a headcount of government jurisdictions, business and corporate entities, institutions, communities, organizations and individuals that are interested to get involved in Operation Green Parrot as well as ascertain the nature and extent of their participation. Sponsors of advertisements in the project reports shall be identified and engaged during this period. This preparatory step shall be concluded on or before April 15, 2009. Information obtained shall be the basis for creating an initial budgetary estimate for the operation on or before April 30, 2009. This estimate shall be subject to revisions as the situation evolves.


The months of May and June 2009 shall be utilized for gathering information and data from all parts of ground zero according to the guidelines already delineated above. Collation, analysis, editing and packaging phase shall commence on July 1 and end on August 15, 2009. Publication and distribution of Operation Green Parrot’s final product shall commence on September 1, 2009.



Producing a comprehensive narrative on all aspects of the complex environmental nightmare which ground zero faces today must be seen as the most crucial step in WIEF’s game plan to bring about a transformative change that shall be both quantifiable and sustainable. At end of Operation Green Parrot, WIEF would have entrenched itself as the de facto nongovernmental leading authority on matters related to environmental husbandry throughout ground zero and beyond. With a prepackaged comprehensive documentation of the major problems as well as proposed ways and means of solving them at hand, WIEF and its allies at the local, state, national and international levels shall be better positioned to make a very forceful and persuasive case in mobilizing the needed manpower and material resources for fulfilling the foundation’s mission.


A successful implementation of Operation Green Parrot shall convey WIEF’s vision for ground zero to all strata of the target population and shall also act as a harbinger of the collaborative approach designed to assure speedy actualization of the foundation’s mission. It is projected that WIEF shall be able to realize a net profit of, at least, N20 million within 12 months of completion of the operation. This new revenue stream shall definitely become a boost for the foundation as it kick-starts many aspects of its key operational agenda and programs throughout ground zero.


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