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As Governor, I'll Control Anambra Erosion - Sam O. Ikefuna

leading governorship aspirant, who has made the shortlist of PDP candidates for the February 6, 2010 election, has vowed to put a plan in place immediately to control topsoil and gully erosion in Anambra state if elected. Saddened that "for the first time in the history of Anambra State, we have  environmental refugees" as next of kin, neighbors and friends, the entrepreneurial businessman and politician said, "the current effort to address these issues is grossly inadequate, ineffective, inefficient, and unresponsive to public needs". Explaining further, he said; "I believe that there is a need for effective partnership between the public, local, state and federal government; this is currently lacking".

Sam Ozo Ikefuna, who also has the chieftaincy title of Ide of Awkuzu, observed that about 20% of the state has been consumed by gully erosion, which is continuing unabated thereby causing loss of lives and millions of Naira in personal properties in many parts of Anambra. Perhaps, in reference to the policies of the incumbent Obi administration, the PDP governorship aspirant lamented thus; "the cumulative impact of benign neglect and government inaction has resulted in a degraded environment; a potent threat to public health, human life and property, quality of life and economic development".


Sam Ozo Ikefuna 


Shopping strip in Okpoko neighborhood of Onitsha. Pedestrians walk on murk. 





"There were no regulations enacted to protect and address the environment - river systems contamination, rubbish, liquid/solid and hazardous waste collection and disposal, erosion prevention and mitigation, underground water protection, junk/abandoned vehicles disposal, air pollution, waste water treatment, land use control and illegal dumping of rubbish/solid and hazardous waste." - Sam O. Ikefuna






Southern end of Silas Works Rd overgrown by weeds 


Garbage/trash mountain between Silas Works and Ochanja 

"Anambra state is predominantly rural; however, there are three major urban centers- Onitsha, Nnewi and Awka. Awka is the state capital and an emerging urban center. It could be argued that the only major urban center is Onitsha which, historically, is considered the commercial capital of the state. These urban centers are typical of what a livable environment should not be" (as shown in pictures above) - Sam Ikefuna


In summary, the PDP gubernatorial aspirant for Anambra in the February 6, 2010 election, Sam Ozo Ikefuna, itemized his 10-point plan of action for redeeming the untenable environmental condition of the state as thus:

  1. Enact environmental regulations that would cover wetland and marshland protection, watersheds, septic tank, river    protection, solid and hazardous waste management, erosion control and development control.
  2. Institute comprehensive educational program on the importance of tree planting, natural resources and environmental quality to the state economy and to the quality of life.
  3. Recognize the importance of geographic variations within the state.
  4. Promote recycling and resource recovery.
  5. Provide technical assistance and financial resources to local governments and community development organizations as incentives for sound natural resources conservation practices.
  6. Empower local governments to control land use.
  7. Pursue policies that will enhance forest and wood resources protection and promote reforestation and regeneration of the forests in the state.
  8. Pursue policies such as land acquisition that protect and conserve animal habitats and natural resources.
  9. Reorganize the State Ministry of Environment and make it more efficient and responsive to public needs.
  10. Take a regional approach to addressing the erosion problems facing Oko, Ideani, Abatete, Uke and Nanka and vicinity. The erosion in these areas of the state has reached an emergency situation and requires an aggressive resolution.




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