WIEF Inaugural Board Meeting
The historic inaugural meeting of the World Igbo Environmental Foundation (WIEF) Board meeting took place on November 11, 2006,at Comfort Inn Conference Center , Bowie , Maryland . The meeting, which commenced at 10:00 am with a short prayer by Mr. Felix Obioha,had attendees from Atlanta , Dallas , New Jersey and even the United Kingdom . Dr. Okenwa Nwosu was the presiding officer and Mr. Felix Otiji recorded the proceedings. After self-introduction by all present, the meeting was briefed about the evolution of WIEF, the vision of its founders, its mission and outline of roadmap already sketched to enable it to become a veritable platform for transforming Alaigbo in the coming months and years. Each participant was given the option to express his or her perception of the problem at hand and to offer a brief overview of special issueswhich must be factored into the implementation process of the WIEF's programs and agenda. One of the contributors, Mr. Christopher Onuaku, perceived WIEF's mission as a key component of the envisioned Igbo renaissance and urged that the deliberations be conducted in Igbo. To accommodate everyone's interest, however, participants agreed to deliberate in both Igbo and English as one found convenient.
WIEF's official registration documents and draft bylaws were presented and reviewed. After due deliberations, a motion was made and adopted to accept the bylaws pending further review which shall be done by a three-person committee made up of those present at the meeting.Individualsnominated to the WIEF inaugural Board of Directorsand their skeletal management teams were presented. They include:

Board of Directors:

1.Mr. Joe N. Eto (Chairman)

2.Ms. Adaora Chukwuma

3.Dr. Joseph Nosiri

4.Dr. Herbert Orji

5.Dr. Ebere Onwudiwe

6.Dr. Okechukwu Aguwa 

The management team comprises:

1.Dr. Okenwa Nwosu - Executive Director

2.Mr. Ejike E. Okpa II - Director of Operations

3.Mr. Felix I. Otiji - Administrative Secretary 

In acknowledgement of the laudable job done by Mr. Felix Obioha in producing the eye-popping documentary on the environmental nightmarein Aba ( Enyimba City ), he was appointed as a Public Relations Consultant for the foundation. The scope of duties and responsibilities of all selected to serve the foundation shall be reflected in the bylaws at the conclusion of ongoing review. It was agreed that appointments to serve in WIEF must, at all times, be made to reflect the geopolitical configuration of Alaigbo as well as toassurepropergender representation at all levels.Appointment tothe Board and management team is predicated on what one can or is expected tobring to the table toward enabling WIEF to attain its statedgoals.

Mr. James Umekwe, an engineer employed by State of Maryland , was commended for initiating work on WIEF's strategic plan (business plan) which is still to be fully fleshed out. He was appointed to join effort with Mr. Ejike Okpa II and Dr. Dickson Ozokwelu in orderto complete the plan as soon as possible. It was resolved that individuals, including the general public, should channel their ideas to this team to assist them in producing the master plan which shall enable WIEF to create a road map to guide its futureagenda and programs. Special commendations were made to both Mr. Joe Eto andDr. Okey Aguwa for their generous contributions of $1000 and $500 respectively toward the development of WIEF's website.
Immediate budgetary requirements of WIEF were presented and discussed. It was agreed that the management team should proceed immediately to complete work in WIEF's website www.wief.net so as to make it capable of receiving electronic payments and other onlinesecure transactions by acquisition of additional software and registration with appropriate institutions that handle such matters. Dr. Nosiri volunteered to see to the immediate completion of theprocess which shall secure tax-exempt status for WIEF in the shortest possible time. The management team was asked tobuild a robust database of sponsors comprising both individuals and corporate entities,open a bank account and set up an operational bureaucratic presence for the foundation complete with telephone lines and reliable contact links befitting the image envisioned for WIEF. Major effort shall be commenced in Nigeria during this holiday season to create awareness for WIEF by engaging thenews media, academic institutions, community leaders, individuals and groups, particularly those with whom the foundation shall soonforge strategic partnershipin implementing its agenda and programs at ground zero. 
The sumof $10,000 (US) was approved to commence activities onall issues listed above for a start. Inaugural Board Members were tasked to lead this initialfund mobilization effort. It was agreed that writtenrequests shall besent immediatelyto all who desire to play leading roles in WIEF asking for tangible contribution to the foundation's cofferat this takeoff stage. Contributions can be in forms of donations or loans which are refundable in the future at creditor's request.Future WIEF's major fundraising endeavors shall be handled mostlyby engaging consultants and professionals on terms which shall be negotiated with the goal of producing quantifiable results in our favor.

Questions were asked requesting clarification orrelationship between the World Igbo Congress (WIC) and WIEF because of similarity in their names. Dr. Nwosu and others made it clear that bothare autonomous corporateentities with different goals and objectives even thoughtheir visions for Alaigbo do converge.Finally, it was resolved that WIEF shall be sequentially launched in the US and Nigeria next year at times that shall be decided later. The meeting was adjourned at 3:45 pm after a short prayer by Dr. Joseph Nosiri. Detailed minutes as well as comprehensive list of all who partook in the historic inaugural WIEF Board meeting shall be compiled by the recorder. 

I offer my personal thanks to all who made extraordinary effort to be part of this very important historic meeting, especially those who had tocome from out of town. The will and resolve exhibited by many in seeing WIEF through its teething stages have reaffirmed my faith in the capacity of the Igbo to orchestrate our own self-redemptionin this generation.


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