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Gov. Chris Nwabueze Ngige

The World Igbo Environmental Foundation (WIEF), a nongovernmental outfit dedicated to reversal of widespread degradation, pollution and decay in Southeast Nigeria and contiguous Niger Delta territory, has identified Dr. Chris N. Ngige as the candidate for change in the Feb 6th Anambra state governorship contest. The foundation's decision was arrived at after broad consultations with stakeholders and careful review of manifestos of leading candidates in the race with particular focus on their respective plans for pursuit of constitutional governance at all levels and arms of the government, grassroots-based development, security of lives and property of all citizens and credible blueprint for tackling joblessness amongst the youths.

Before his tenure as Anambra state governor was interrupted in 2006 to make way for the incumbent Obi administration sequel to verdict of the electoral tribunal, Dr. Ngige made his mark in perception of the general public as a bold, courageous and dynamic leader who cared more for the wellbeing and safety of the masses of Ndi Anambra than his own life. His administration's decision to prioritize the rehabilitation of severely damaged road network helped to quickly spread the dividends of democratic and all-inclusive governance to all nooks and corners of the state. Ngige remains a folk hero to many, especially at the grassroots level, who troop out in large numbers to volunteer to assist in his campaign organization in all local government areas of Anambra state.

It should be recalled that it was the Ngige administration which revived the moribund Anambra State Environmental Protection Agency (ANSEPA) to, once more, address the escalating rate of decay and pollution of the state's major urban centers of Onitsha, Awka and Nnewi. By appointing an experienced professional engineer to head this agency, Governor Ngige proved that he was determined to bring a sustainable transformative change in the way which the general public regard the role of government in provision of proper environmental sanitation for everyone. It is sad to note that ANSEPA did relapse, once more, into anomie and leadership crisis under the incumbent Obi administration. The streets and neighborhoods of Onitsha, for example, are now becoming clogged up with accumulated trash and garbage which have been left uncollected for several months or even years. ANSEPA equipment procured by the Ngige administration have been abandoned in state of disrepair, the agency's staff and contractors are unpaid for work already done and the morale has plummeted to unprecedented depths under the incumbent Obi administration.



Southern end of Silas Works Rd overgrown by weeds 


Garbage/trash mountain between Silas Works and Ochanja 

The change Governor Ngige promises to bring, if elected during the February 6th polls, includes revival of ANSEPA as well as equipping it properly to work effectively with the general public in restoring a safe, clean and healthy living space throughout the state for everyone. WIEF experts have also been presented with a detailed road map prepared by the Ngige campaign team on how the candidate's new administration, if elected, shall implement comprehensive erosion and flood control regime statewide. Dr. Ngige further pledged to revisit all plans already prepared, but currently shelved by the incumbent Obi administration, so as to determine the best and quickest means to put them into practice for benefit of Anambra state. He promises to collaborate closely with the leadership of Anambra State House of Assembly (HOA) to enact necessary legislations that can provide legal backing for immediate and proper implementation of the essence of UN HABITAT Report which was prepared as a guide for structured development of Onitsha, Awka and Nnewi urban centers according to international standards.


With blockage of Otumoye/Nwangene Creek drainage, flooding is inevitable in Fegge 





Dredging of Otumoye/Nwangene Creek by the Obi administration was a total failure because the natural drainage channel is still clogged with solid waste and illegal structures. Silas Works Road & Zik Avenue junction still suffers annual flooding during rainy seasons. Whole area is deserted as traders and roadside artisans flee the devastated neighborhood for months at a time.




On the crucial issue of grassroots empowerment, the Ngige manifesto considers immediate conduct of local council election for Ndi Anambra as one of the first items in the incoming administration's plate because it is a constitutional requirement to do so. Dr. Ngige blames the sense of powerlessness and hopelessness at the grassroots as a major contributing factor in rising spate of lawlessness amongst millions of unemployed and underemployed youths in the state. While promising to beef up security, Dr. Ngige pledges that his administration's main tool for reducing crime is provision of meaningful well-paying jobs to the jobless youths in order to make them to see themselves as collaborative partners rather than impediments in assuring societal peace for every resident of the state.






Settling in the support foundation of concrete drainage channel leads to breakup of very poorly reinforced slabs and eventual collapse of the entire structure as shown in this photo.

Poor planning, design and implementation constitute the bane of the incumbent Obi administration.






Broken poorly constructed drainage at Ekwulobia gully remediation project in 2009

Ngige campaign manifesto sees development of the state as an ordered planned undertaking which must not be predicated on expediency or partisan political calculation for currying favor or seeking electoral votes. The front-runner gubernatorial candidate in the Feb 6th election believes in integrated development approach that is coherent, well targeted and implemented within the context of participatory teamwork by all relevant stakeholders in the polity. Erratic deployment of scarce resources of Anambra state on grandiose projects which lack the potential for job creation shall have no place of pride in the Ngige administration.

After careful consideration of the manifestos as well as the pedigree of rival candidates in the Feb 6th gubernatorial contest, WIEF stakeholders have unanimously arrived at the conclusion that Dr. Chris Nwabueze Ngige stands out as the one with the knowledge, experience, passion, sensitivity and commitment to bring about the change needed to get things working again for generality of Ndi Anambra. WIEF has no interest in political partisan formations sponsoring various candidates because they are simply clones of each other. In asking the Anambra electorate to vote for Ngige, we strongly believe that the type of leadership he is capable of providing shall result in speedy actualization of bottom-up development approach which shall definitely transform Anambra state for the better in the next four years.






As is clearly evident in these photos, the collapse at the Umuchiana gully project was both extensive and catastrophic. Nothing appears to be salvageable at this juncture. 

Taxpayers' money is wasted in the gully while nothing is being done to prevent storm water discharge into the gully heads.



Catastrophic structural failure at Ekwulobia erosion gully remediation project in 2009


The WIEF Vanguard and other collaborative partners of the foundation are hereby asked to intensify the ongoing grassroots mobilization effort, especially amongst the youths, in order to ensure that change is brought to bear on the governance of Anambra state in the next dispensation. We call on the student population in secondary and tertiary institutions, apprentice traders, artisans, okada taxi operators, day laborers, struggling mothers, teachers and civil servants to utilize the unique chance offered by the Feb 6th election to change the status quo so as to usher in a better future for themselves and Anambra state. Ngige has guaranteed to focus on grassroots-oriented development which shall make you, the ordinary and forgotten citizens, active partners in governance of Anambra state if you vote for him to become our next governor.



WIEF is all about change for the better. We endorse Dr. Ngige's candidacy for governor because he works with WIEF and we have come to trust him as the one who can assure a clean, safe and healthy living space for Ndi Anambra if elected.



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