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 Obi Administration Berated Over Collapse at Ekwulobia Gully

A governorship aspirant of the PDP in Anambra State, Dr. Alex Obiogbolu, while commiserating with the Ekwulobia community over the catastrophic collapse at the Umuchiana gully, promised "as a matter of top priority, to have in place a responsible, structurally sound and more committed remediation or erosion control protocol when elected as governor".  He feared that the current structural failure at the project site poses a renewed threat to the people of the area, who must now live with the dread of heavy rainfalls with attendant devastation of farmlands and buildings.

Commenting on the likely causative factors for the gully channel's collapse, the gubernatorial aspirant said, "it is not responsible for a government to control erosion by spreading its lean resource simultaneously on all sites and not completing any, only for the rains to come and wash off what has been put in place". Apart from having qualified contractors handle such highly specialized projects, he pointed out that the trick about erosion control is that remediation work must commence and be completed before the next rainy season, rather than stop halfway to resume later, as the usual consequence is what has happened with the Umuchiana Ekwulobia project.


Dr. Alex Obiogbolu 


Embedded wood in cracked concrete casting (May 2008) 


Widening of crack in drainage channel wall recorded May 2008 

Dr. Obiogbolu recalled that, as far back as December 2006, a team of WIEF experts, after an initial on-site inspection of the project, had raised alarm over what was going on there and actually predicted what has now became reality. "The same team, in 2008, also came up with another critical report calling attention to imminent structural failure at the state-funded project; all to no avail", he noted. He went on to say that "more than two years after the job was commenced, and with millions of Nara literally flushed down the drain, it is really a shame that the entire project should come to this sorry pass because of the quality of job done by the initial contractor, Achimore, which had been adjudged to be not only very inferior, but also it has made future work at the site more complicated, to say the least", he posited.



Cracks in drainage channels ultimately resulted in their catastrophic collapse within one year









'The project had been doomed to failure from the outset as due consideration was not given to the specialized nature of the job which called for expertise in its execution" - Dr. Obiogbolu






Dr. Obiogbolu remarked further that "the entire project presented a perfect example of how not to go about awarding jobs", adding that "a well informed government should have foreseen the unwisdom and futility of using such jobs to gratify friends and relations". Describing handling of the Umuchiana Ekwulobia gully remediation project as a perfect showcase of "the inevitable result of having square pegs in round holes", Dr. Obiogbolu urged the Peter Obi administration to ensure that "in its last days in office, that it takes urgent steps to prevent the total collapse of the channel so as to safeguard the rebuilt Ekwulobia-Oko–Umunze federal highway as well as the lives and property of the people of the area".


Catastrophic Collapse of  Ekwulobia Gully Channel



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