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WIEF's Primary service is fighting environmental pollution in Southeast Nigeria and contiguous territories in the Niger Delta, western Lower Niger River valley and Southeastern Atlantic coastline. We serve the Nigerian communities by providing the collective tool with which to eliminate or reduce the factors that negatively impact our communities. Factors such as environmental corrosion and improper waste disposal are major threats to our communities. WIEF is waging a long term strategic war against environmental pollution and destruction.

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WIEF needs you in order to mount a successful battle against factors destroying our environment. Every resource and every hand must be on board for this monumental task. WIEF is organizing workshops and tutorials, both in the Diaspora and at home, to better familiarize the public with what WIEF is all about. Such events are being used to mobilize support and resources for its many programs. To ensure greater effectiveness, efficiency and accountability, professional consultants are being contracted to organize the foundation's special fundraising activities, particularly for the Diaspora events. Special public campaigns are being organized to educate the grassroots on the importance of floodwater control at their source in order to bring rainwater runoff to a trickle or nil before it has the chance to reach the vicinity of roadways or gully erosion sites. Regular cleanup campaigns shall be conducted in urban communities as well as in town and village public places with the use of local paid labor where volunteered hands are inadequate to handle the job. Planting trees and appropriate grass cover in open spaces, homesteads and farmlands shall be promoted through organizing hands-on training workshops for volunteers who shall then take the message back to their various communities. Routine engagement of local labor shall provide employment opportunities thereby reducing the number of jobless residents in these communities.

In an urban setting like Onitsha, demonstrative projects for regular trash removal and landscaping, for example, shall be executed at prominent intersections around the city to enable as many people as possible to experience and inculcate the true esthetics of proper environmental management. WIEF is preparing for a dialogue with responsible governments on the issue of industrial and domestic effluent and solid waste management. WIEF plans to pressure the governments and their agencies to provide necessary leadership in funding, resource allocation, and strategic oversight in urban waste disposal in urban areas under their control. WIEF will present human health risk factors of a filthy environment and proffer waste management strategies to eradicate existing breeding grounds for tropical diseases, a common site in urban centers. The next mission here is to cause the responsible governments to improve the quality of life for the citizens.Join us to build WIEF to become the platform for positive change.
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