Uke Eyesore created by RCC

After completing its lucrative road-building contract with Anambra state government, RCC simply removed all its equipments from its work site at the Uke Junction, shut the gate and abandoned the location to the ravages of unchecked soil erosion.

 RCC stripped all vegetation cover at this site

Loose sandy soil facilitates topsoil/gully erosion      

 Close-up look at gross abuse of the land of Ndi Uke

A big gully is now being excavated at the abondoned RCC former work camp site at Uke, Idemili North, LGA 

A major highway linking the commercial city of Onitsha with central and southern parts of Anambra is under imminent threat. 


Devastation at this location worsens with each heavy downpour.




Gov. Obi of Anambra 


Several efforts have been made to get the Anambra state government to ask its contractor, RCC, to rectify its reckless negligent act at the Uke junction to no avail. The Obi administration has instead awarded a fresh road-building contract to this errant company to construct a major thoroughfare in the state capital, Awka. This eyesore at Uke road junction is a blatant affront to the sensibilities of Ndi Uke, in particular and rest of Ndi Anambra, in general.

RCC has bitten the very fingers that have fed it and is, therefore, no longer qualified to be paid with Anambra citizens' tax money until it cleans up its mess at the Uke junction. Desecration and willful degradation of the land of Ndi Uke are evil acts which contravene the core essence of our shared Igbo cultural values. It is a very big blunder for Gov. Peter Obi's administration to appear to condone the perpetration of evil acts against the very land that has been thrust under its care.



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